Renovation Design Service

Does your home lack functionality or fail to reflect your evolving style? Maybe specific rooms need a refresh, or your entire living space craves a complete overhaul. Whatever your renovation goals, DB Interiors + Design’s comprehensive Renovation Design Service is here to transform your existing space into a space that’s a reflection of you.

Collaborative Design Consultation

Our team begins each project with an in-depth design consultation. We’ll work closely with you to understand your aspirations for the renovation – whether it’s a full-scale revamp or a focused update on specific areas. This collaborative approach ensures that every design decision aligns with your vision, budget, and lifestyle needs.

Planning and Redesign

Transforming your existing space requires careful planning. Our experienced designers will create detailed floor plans and elevation drawings, visualizing the redesigned layout and maximizing functionality throughout your home. This includes optimizing existing features, such as doorways and windows, and proposing creative solutions for storage and flow.

Material and Finishes Selection

From flooring and countertops to lighting and plumbing fixtures, the right materials and finishes elevate your renovation and create a cohesive aesthetic. DB Interiors + Design will guide you through a curated selection process, considering factors like:

      • Durability and Maintenance: We’ll recommend materials that withstand daily wear and tear, minimizing long-term maintenance needs.
      • Style and Functionality: Your chosen finishes should complement your vision while remaining practical for daily living.
      • Budgetary Considerations: We’ll offer a range of options to accommodate your budget, ensuring you find the perfect balance between style and affordability.

Project Management and Coordination

Renovation projects involve a variety of professionals. DB Interiors + Design takes the stress out of communication and coordination. We’ll act as your liaison, managing interactions with suppliers, tradespeople, and your chosen contractor. This ensures everyone involved is on the same page, minimizing delays and keeping the project on track.

Regular On-Site Visits

Our commitment extends beyond design. Regular on-site visits allow us to monitor the progress of the renovation and ensure it adheres to the agreed-upon plans. Proactive communication identifies any potential discrepancies early on, allowing for swift adjustments and maintaining the integrity of your design vision.

Creating a Complete Picture

While DB Interiors + Design excels in transforming your home’s interior, we understand the importance of a cohesive environment that extends outdoors. We don’t just design stunning interiors, we create a harmonious flow throughout your entire property.

Tailored Service Fees

The cost of our Renovation Design Service is tailored to the specific scope of your project. This ensures you pay only for the services you require. Contact DB Interiors + Design today to schedule a consultation and receive a detailed quote that reflects your unique renovation needs.

By partnering with DB Interiors + Design, your renovation journey becomes a smooth and rewarding experience.

We’ll transform your existing space into a beautiful and functional haven, exceeding your expectations and creating a home that truly reflects you. Let’s breathe new life into your space together!